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Short Soft Lambskin Fleece

Short, Soft

This is a collection of smaller, short wool lambskins. The fleeces tend to be soft and dense with a neater plush pile. Within the collection there are different breeds and crossbreeds. Many fleeces are a delicate mottled pattern ranging from ivory white to beige to darker brown. There are a few exceptional pieces, as well. No two sheep are ever exactly alike.

These smaller lambskins are ideal as a cushion on a wooden chair or bench. As a decorative accent, throw them across an armrest, chair back, ottoman, or end table. This adds delicate natural texture and warm color to complement furniture or room design. In the chilly months, you'll have a cozy, warmer space.

The fleece is very nice to touch. Because they are less shaggy, your hands glide across the tips of the fibers. The colors are all natural. They are eco-tanned with no chromium or harsh chemicals – just natural lambskin leather with soft beautiful fleeces.
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