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gotland_sheepskin_wool Gotland sheepskins are sought after for their authentic rarity and exceptionally soft, curly fleece. The softness of their fine, silky fibers, combined with the lustrous sheen, sets them apart from other sheepskins. Their silver-gray fleece showcases a range of beautiful shades. The fine fibers curl together in visual softness that matches the tactile experience.

Raised on their native landscapes of Sweden, they are part of the cultural heritage of the specific region. The valuable hides are tanned without chemicals, chrome, or excessive processing. End-to-end, our Gotland sheepskins are part of the modern practice of sustainable agriculture, preserving heritage breeds, and eco-friendly leather tanning. A rare Gotland is a truly luxurious addition to your home or wardrobe.
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Natural marble sheepskin pelts. Creamy white to brown colors. Eco friendly tanning.