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jacob_spotted_sheepskinSpotted sheepskins

Jacob sheep are an unusual breed with thick spotted fleece. Each have a unique pattern of white with brown and/or black. These sheepskins often have a wider, more roundish shape. Our current collection tends to be thick and cushy with medium to long wool.

The original and authentic look of these sheepskin rugs and throws make a great contrast. The mix of natural shapes and colors blend pleasantly. No two patterns are ever the same.

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Jacob sheep were popular during the 18th and 19th centuries among the wealthy estates in England and other parts of Europe. The breed's distinctive appearance and rarity made them a popular status symbol among the nobility and gentry of the time.

In particular, the Jacob sheep became popular as an ornamental breed in the English landscape movement, which emphasized the beauty of the natural world and encouraged the creation of picturesque gardens and parks. The breed's distinctive appearance was seen as a perfect fit for these ornamental landscapes, and many country estates began to keep Jacob sheep as part of their ornamental flocks.

Jacob sheep were also used in decorative art during this period, appearing in paintings, tapestries, and other forms of decorative art. The breed's distinctive appearance made it a popular subject for artists and designers, who used the sheep to create striking and memorable visual images.

In addition to their ornamental value, Jacob sheep were also prized for their hardiness and adaptability to a variety of climates and conditions. They were known to be able to survive on sparse pastureland and were often kept by small farmers and homesteaders for their self-sufficiency and versatility.

Today, Jacob sheep are still kept for their ornamental value as well as for their wool and meat. They are considered a rare breed and are protected by various conservation organizations that work to preserve their unique genetic heritage.