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icelandic_sheepskin_rug_throwIcelandic Sheepskins

This popular type of sheepskin is a stylish and versatile addition to home decor, adding warmth, texture, and natural beauty to any space.

Icelandic sheepskins have a unique look with of long, shaggy wool in a range of natural colors, including white, grey, and brown. The visual texture makes them a great complement to a wide range of interior design styles, from modern and minimalist to rustic and bohemian.

These sheep are descendant from the original stock brought to the island by Vikings. Our raw hides come from the Icelandic farmers who are raising the original Viking stock. They have never allowed outside breeds to come to the remote island nation to protect the breed.

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Blonde Brown Icelandic Sheepskin Blonde Brown
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Icelandic sheep are an important part of Iceland's economy, with sheep farming being a traditional and vital industry for centuries. Icelandic sheep are hardy and adaptable animals that are well-suited to the challenging environment, and they have always been an important part of the rural economy.

Sheep farming has played a vital role in rural Iceland economies and contributed to the recovery after the banking and economic crisis. In addition to generating income and creating employment opportunities, sheep farming has helped preserve cultural heritage and boosted tourism in regions where it has a strong historical and cultural significance.

Agriculture and fishing, including sheep farming, generate income and have support Iceland's way of life for centuries. Increased demand for local and sustainable products, both domestically and internationally, have brought quality Icelandic products to new markets.

Sheep in Iceland are raised in a free-range environment and are not subjected to intensive farming practices, making Icelandic lamb a more ethical and sustainable choice for consumers who are concerned about animal welfare and the environmental impact of their food choices.The sector is made up of small, family-run farms that are an important part of the country's cultural heritage, and the traditional methods used to raise and care for sheep in Iceland have been passed down through generations.

Finally, sheep are an inseparable part of traditional Icelandic food. It is a source of high-quality, nutritious food raised on the rather harsh landscape of the island. Icelandic lamb is known for its tender texture and mild flavor. Icelandic wool is used in a variety of products including clothing, blankets, and other textiles.