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Our CleanSheep® Washable sheepskins are water tolerant and washable.They are tanned similar to chamois leather using chrome-free Relugan® GT-50, commonly called "relugans". This gives the fleece a distinctive gold color. The wool is shorn short to an even 1 inch to allow airflow. So it's soft and smooth to the touch for sensitive skin and easy to wash.

They are perfect for messy kids, they create a soft, washable surface cover. Because of their washability, Relugans are often used for medical applications. The shorn fleece wicks away moisture. The leather is supple and easy to work with for clothing and wearable accessories. Water tolerant, relugans are good for outdoor use or applications that get wet. This natural sheepskin is perfect for pet bedding and also horses. Relugan sheepskin leather tanning is suitable for equestrian accessories and horse tack.

Relugan sheepskins are ideal for many kinds of projects – car interiors, liner material, padding, coverings. This kind of sheepskin is also used for painting and polishing. Soft, supple leather on one side and short, soft lambswool on the other, these are high quality hides suitable for all kinds of leathercraft.

We're selling these bulk for professional use. Choose pricing for 1 or 5 Relugan Tanned Sheepskins for volume discounts.
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Relugan Sheepskin Relugan Tanned Sheepskin

Hides are approx 3-3.5 foot long x 2 foot wide, each hand cut along the curves of the hide
Wool pile is shorn short and even inch.

Bulk discount pricing:
$54.00 ea. for one (1) hide
$45.00 ea. for five (5) hides
$37.50 ea. for ten (10) hides

Price: $54.00
Introducing our CleanSheep® brand of washable sheepskins and care products by European Sheepskins sold through Amazon. The sheepskins are made by the same tanners who make our other European Sheepskins items. The shampoo and brushes are made specially for us to keep the leather supple and fleece clean.

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