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Photos of the actual sheepskins for sale. No two sheep are identical. Brown, Spotted, and Gray sheepskins are the natural patterns of the breeds. The Icelandic sheepskins also are different colors, but all from the same Icelandic long wool breed of sheep. The classic Ivory White sheepskins are thick UK Suffolk sheep. Real sheepskins made from heritage breed European sheep. Every sheepskin is different, and we don't change that.

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Swedish Long Wool Sheepskins

Double & Quad Size Sewn Rugs

Icelandic sheepskins sewn end-to-end or side-by-side are double size. Four hides together is a rectangular quad.

washable sheepskins

Washable Sheepskins

Water tolerant and washable, the fleece shorn to an even inch. Decorative, Utility, or Leathercraft, Washable, Equestrian, Liner Cushion, Play Lamby.

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About Our Sheepskins

Where they are from and who made them.

Authentic sheepskins from heritage breed flocks tanned in the traditions of Central Europe.