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Free Brush with every order!

The best way to care for your sheepskin is occasional fluffing and brushing. To make this easier, we'll send you a free brush with your order ($14 value).

To fluff the wool and remove dust, shake out the sheepskin from time to time. Do this by grasping one side firmly with two hands and shaking several times. Turn it, and shake it out from the other side.

To brush your sheepskin, lay it on a hard flat surface like a table or floor. Draw the brush from the middle of the hide outward with firm even strokes. Turn over and also brush the wool edges. Some wool will come out into the brush, that's normal. Shake and fluff the sheepskin before and after brushing.

You can also clean the sheepskin with gentle strokes of a hand held vacuum.

These are natural products, not factory made. Variations in the wool are normal and the leather backside may have minor scrapes and blemishes from processing the hide.

Do not store long term in a plastic bag to avoid collecting moisture. Sheepskins are best stored in open air with the wool side facing out. Dry clean only, do not soak or machine wash.