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Cleansheep® Washable Sheepskins

100% lambskin leather with natural fleece intact

Eco-friendly tanning, with no chrome or harmful substances. This type of tanning is most often called “medical tanned sheepskin.” This gives the common gold color and washability. Shorn to an even 1.25 inch, the fleece allows airflow under pressure that’s comfortable and dry on skin.

This is a natural product. Although it is washable, washing too often or vigorously weakens the resilient properties of the fleece.It is normal that the fleece becomes springy and less straight after the first washing.

Washing Instructions:
- Shake and fluff as needed to separate and revive the fibers.
- Hand wash or delicate machine wash in cold or medium water.
- Spot clean fleece side with gentle soap.
- When fully washing, use only detergents specifically made for sheepskins, nonalkaline, no enzymes.
- Air dry away from sunlight. Stretch occasionally from the outer edges to maintain the shape.

If cutting the sheepskin for a specific size, use a sharp razor blade not scissors which could crosscut fleece.