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Gray Sheepskins

These unusual sheepskins have distinctive gray patterns of heritage breed sheep. The colors are silver or white radiating from the center with gray mixed into dark black or brown highlights.

Matching any interior, gray sheepskins go well with modern design or traditional. These are a rare find.

Spotted sheepskins

Jacob sheep are an unusual breed with thick spotted fleece. Each have a unique pattern of white with brown and/or black. These sheepskins often have a wider, more roundish shape. Our current collection tends to be thick and cushy with medium to long wool.

The original and authentic look of these sheepskin rugs and throws make a great contrast. The mix of natural shapes and colors blend pleasantly.

Brown Sheepskins

These beautiful brown sheepskins are the natural color of their breed. They range from light blonde brown to deep dark brown and all kind of unique mixes. Occasionally, there are white spots mixed in the pelt. The wool length ranges from short and neat to long and shaggy.