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European Sheepskins, Summer Collection

Welcome to our collection of natural sheepskin rugs and throws. There's a lot to choose from, because every sheepskin is unique, naturally.

As wool grows out, the look and feel changes. Ours are not factory products made all the same. Choose among Ivory White sheepskins with wool fibers that are "Short Extra Soft" or "Nice Medium" or "Extra Shaggy". Singles are a one-hide rug or throw. Doubles are two hides sewn back to back. Quads are four hides together as a large luxurious rug.

The European sheep industry includes many traditional breeds specific to their regions. The leather hides are byproducts of the meat industry (most are used for suede leather). This is a collection of the most attractive hides from Europe's diverse breeds. Browse the selection of Marble, Regal, Spotted, Brown, and Dot sheepskins in the menu above. Also, see the new collection of Rarities that you will find nowhere else.

Sheepskins match any interior from modern to rustic, inside airplane cockpits and beside fireplaces. Use them with modern decor or take your sheepskins camping. Lambswool is a natural insulator that brings warmth in winter and cool softness in the summer. They add a natural cushy pad to anything from motorcycle seats to easy chairs.

European Sheepskins are natural, eco-friendly rugs and furniture throws. We use environmentally responsible vegetable tanning processes to retain the wool's natural softness.

Enjoy free shipping around the continental US and a reduced rate to AK and HI. Your order will ship promptly by UPS Ground or USPS Priority from our New York location.

If your European Sheepskin item doesn't meet your expectations of beauty, comfort, and quality, return it for a full refund.

Today's Featured Items:

Subtle Gold Brushed on Soft Dark Thick Cushy White with Brown Cushy with Light and Dark Accents Large Quad Ivory White Sheepskin Rug
Natural Ivory White Quad
Our Price: $359.00
Large Ivory White Sheepskin Rug/Throw Soft White with Dark Center Dot Cushy White to Black Highlights Cushy White and Brown Pattern